Keough Associates - Bill KeoughBill Keough specializes in working with senior executives to help them identify opportunities to improve their supply chain operations and drive rapid and measurable financial results. Prior to launching his own firm, Bill designed and deployed technical, business process, and supply chain solutions for a variety of firms in the aerospace, oil & gas, manufacturing, distribution, software, and financial services industries. Bill’s experience includes working as the director of the intelligence division for a political risk consulting firm, and in senior roles in technology and management consulting for oilfield service giant Schlumberger, for Computer Sciences Corporation, and for IBM. During this time, Bill worked extensively with global companies, helping them to engineer IT systems to support complex international operations. Bill also advised many of the largest business-to-business marketplaces in the aerospace, agriculture, industrial chemicals, oil & gas, and retail industries.

While living in Houston, Bill founded what is now the largest technology entrepreneurs’ organization in Texas, with chapters in Houston, Austin and Dallas. Following his career at IBM, Bill moved to Seattle to work with an early stage technology company, helping them to deploy an innovative, real-time, business-to-business integration platform solution that has now become the standard for the aerospace industry.

Bill currently teaches courses in IT systems and supply chain integration at the University of Washington. He is also the Director of Operations for the Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Master’s program at the UW (http://www.supply-chain-transportation.uw.edu). Bill currently serves on the Board of the King County Library Foundation.