Case Studies – 3PL

3PL Case Study

Truck on the roadProblem: A mid-sized 3PL had experienced six straight years of rapid growth, but that growth was beginning to outpace the firm’s ability to deliver. To continue providing the sort of customer service that made them successful in the first place, this 3PL realized that they needed to make significant new investments in their IT infrastructure. But, given the many competing priorities of the different areas of the business, senior management was unsure which IT investments would yield the greatest business value.

Solution: Keough Associates conducted a series of in-depth interviews with the firm’s senior leadership to understand their perspective on the marketplace, the challenges facing the firm, and the new market opportunities additional capabilities might help them seize.

Our consultants then conducted a thorough inventory of all the IT assets and applications currently in use at the company and documented the integration methods employed to pass data from one system to the next. Based on the requirements we heard from the leadership team and our firm’s experience working with other 3PLs, Keough Associates recommended a series of best practices that would allow the 3PL to derive more value from its current WMS and TMS systems. These recommendations also included implementing an improved integration architecture that would facilitate improved collaboration and data exchange with the firm’s customers and service providers.

Result: The 3PL’s executive team is currently in the process of implementing these recommendations.